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Why the Practicing or Active Learning Concept Works.

Adult Learner Retention Rates.  Active learning increases the dismal return on passive learning alone.  More data supports that learning in the ways you will later need to use what you are learning as very effective. 
The Learning Pyramid was developed in the 1960s by the NTL Institute in Bethel, Maine.  

  • Lecture 5% 
  • Reading 10%
  • Audio Visual 20%
  • Demonstration 30%  
  • Group Discussion 50%
  • Practice by Doing 75%
  • Teaching Others 90%

Is this just role-playing?  Ugh.  Deliberate Practice isn’t just role-play.  We understand that people have had poor role-play experiences and it’s not all we do, but we have worked the bugs out so that when we do it, it’s highly rated, very effective.  

We Get It.  Why SR does it best.

  • We are experts in this area for almost 20 years. We support well-respected progressive clients and faculty partners.
  • Access our credible roster of business actors who make scenarios real and add energy to sessions and support to faculty.
  • We are regularly very highly rated by skeptical high achieving learners with tough standards. See our client list and reviews. 
  • “Real Plays” We can quickly create custom interactions to keep practice relevant.                                                            
  •  Flexible delivery options. 

How SR’s Business actors are better than using internal resources.

  • Maximum focus and flexibility on your program.  No last minute juggling of that Partner or senior exec who said they'd help out but now have a client emergency pulling them away from the program. Free up your key internal resources and cost far less to the business overall.  
  • Credibility - we portray many different kinds of business people very well. We don’t stop there, we combine that with a keen eye to uncover and develop specific learning outcomes to drive retention and engagement.   
  • Better returns on training when all participants can be in high quality training and not having to play roles for other people to learn.  
  • Quick Study - SR’s people are up to speed fast.   We will not waste your time. We know what we need from you to leave and get prepared.  
  • Instantly create key opportunities for learners and respond on the fly as Faculty or program leader would like.  
  • Adjust to various skill levels in the moment and remain focussed on the learners’ development.  
  • Expert in avoiding the many pitfalls in experiential learning roll outs.  Our clients can avoid these.
  • Disciplined performances and self-regulation to keep the learning on track and get the most out of the session.  
  • Brings charisma into the room, engaging the learners.  
  • Able to provide non-political, highly targeted feedback that is effective.  
  • Ability to create any desired dynamic with little or no direction or script, from even a simple interaction about the purpose or description.
  • Create controlled conflict for learning, maintain it, navigate within it. 
  • Consistency – the ability to exhaustively re-create scenarios for many learners in rotations or reboot scenarios immediately, re-calibrate and respond to learners as they improve and skill build in real time.  

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Why It Works 
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